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February 22, 2018

Hi Dr. Liliana:
I did not get a chance to see you before I returned home to Vermont.
I wanted to thank you and your staff for the loving care and attention you are giving to my brother, Norman. It is very reassuring to me because I am so far away geographically to know that he is receiving the best possible care at Lilly's Villa 2. I love the way your staff checks on him and now, with his special chair, he can join the other residents and watch t.v.
If I saw you, I would have given you a big hug to say thank you. I did give Lorena a big hug to thank her and all others for their good care of Norman.
Thanks again,
Marion Z. C.

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Last Update: Nov. 7, 2015


Thank you so much for the great care yourself and your staff give to Aunt Mike.  I know she can be a handful sometimes but I was duly impressed with the professionalism of your staff.  Thank you for sitting with me and explaining what has been going on with Aunt Mike.  I can't express how grateful I am that she is in your care. Thank you again Lily for all you do and it was great seeing you.  

Love to you, Mary K.


To Whom It May Concern

My Mother, Marie H. resided in Lilly's Villa from April 2014 to her death on August 13, 2014. I could not have asked for better care and support than that provided by Lilly and her staff. I feel so fortunate to have found this exceptional facility. Lilly and her caring staff (a much larger and varied group than one would anticipate) provided every sort of support, from health care, cooking and feeding to entertainment including exercise, arts and crafts. They did everything possible to see that their small clientele (six patients at the time) were always cared for. I never saw more than ten minutes pass without someone checking on each patient.

As the administrator, Lilly was exceptional. She is obviously well schooled and trained in geriatric care, well beyond what one might expect in a normal facility. I had checked other facilities, larger nursing homes and private facilities, and though the quality varied, the personal care offered by Lilly and her staff exceeded everything else I observed. It was truly 24 hour care and never worried that my Mother would not be monitored on a constant and safe basis at all times. I can recommend Lilly's Villa without question and would be happy to answer any questions one might have about this exceptional facility.

Eugenea D.

Thank you Liliana, for all of your grace, love and kindness. You have been an angel to our family and I will always consider you as such. God bless you for all you do and the light you brought to Grandpa. My gratitude and love to you. Peace be with you in your time of grieving and mourning too.

Jennifer R

Thanks Lilly,

I appreciate all your hard work in managing this difficult time in my moms care.

Take care,

Mike A.
Seattle, Washington

Hello Lilly,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful care you gave mom. I always felt at easy, knowing she was in such good hands.
Thanks so much for being with mom in her final hours. It meant a lot to me knowing she had you at her side. While I knew this was going to happen soon, I still was not prepared for the final call. I have been spending the day contacting family and friends and each call is like reopening a bad wound.
Again, thanks so much for all the love, care and support you have given mom and me.

Take care,

Andrea A.
Lhasa, Tibet

Dear Liliana,

I thank you for the depth of my heart for the incredible, loving kindness you showered on my mother for the last year and a half or so. It would have been difficult for me to take care of my mom with the same kind of skills given by you and all your caregivers. Since she needs special care, it was nice she was in a home-like situation.
Again I want to thank you for all you did to make my mom's last years as comfortable and pleasant as possible!

Much love,

La Jolla, California

To whom it may concern:

My father has been under the care of Dr. Liliana Binner and her staff at Lilly’s Villa since April of 2012.  He has received excellent care, and his physical and mental health has improved substantially during his time at the facility. I cannot say enough about the medical, physical and emotional care and support he has received during the almost two years he has lived at Lilly’s Villa.

My father turned 80 in 2012.  Prior to that time he was in an independent living facility in La Mesa, California for nearly 10 years.  Just before turning 80, he suffered a fall which resulted in major neurological damage, bone fractures, and several conditions which made him unable to walk or stand.  He has made an incredible recovery under the care of Dr Binner and her staff. And although he is unable to care for himself and will likely not be able to walk again, he continues to gain in strength and health under their care.

Between August of 2011 and April of 2012 when he came to Lilly’s Villa, my father was hospitalized 5 times, discharged 4 times to different Skill Nursing Facilities, and had two month-long stays at the last one SNF, and along the way had to be intubated on 4 separate occasions. At the time the SNF discharged him to Lilly’s Villa, he was on 29 different medications. In consultation with his Physicians, Dr. Binner and her staff have weaned that down to just 5 medications. Dr. Binner or “Lilly”, name that she prefers to use, and her staff have paid close attention to medical issues that have arisen, and their proactive care has likely prevented him from further respiratory failures.

Our family all live outside of the San Diego area, and we very appreciative of the high level of care he has received at Lilly’s Villa, the cleanliness and quality of the facility, the high standard for the food service, and most of all the professionalism of the entire staff in helping our father with such major improvements in his overall condition.

Sincerely, David P.
Anchorage, Alaska

Dr. Liliana,

I can't thank you enough for your help, time and assistance of my mother's health at a Skilled Nursing Facility in March! You were the only person to tell us the truth of what was happening with her health at the time and thank God you got us to a local Hospice - What a blessing.

We were in God's hands after that memorable Friday afternoon! I will never forget your beauty, elegance and intellegence and most of all your COMPASSION. Dr. Liliana, you are one of God's Beautiful Angels on Earth and we thank you every day and couldn't let another day pass without telling you how important you were to our lives!


Wendy and Richard E.
San Diego, CA

Dear Liliana,

Thank you for all you are doing to help Margery A. and especially how you had her make-up, hair and dress last Saturday at her 90th birthday party. She looked like a star!!!

Our family is ever so fortunate to have you taking such good care of her.

Thank You!! Warmest Wishes,

Marie E.
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Liliana and Staff,

I want you all to know how much I appreciate all you did for my Mother Betty A. You made her last days as pleasant as possible.

Thank you for all the loving care you gave her.


Deborah B.

Dear Liliana,

I hope that you are doing well. My brother said that his last visit was very good and that my dad continues to improve--very good news! I will be down to visit next weekend, October 27-29, and am looking forward to it.

My brother and I are both very grateful for all that you are doing, and have done, to help my dad. He is healthier than we have seen him since this all began and we are so thankful he is in your care.

We really would like our dad to stay with you as long as possible. After all that he has been through, we know he is in the best place possible with you and we really are grateful. You've also been tremendously helpful to us, helping us get through some very hard times.

Thank you so much,

Susan P.
San Francisco, CA