Lilly’s mission is to be a guardian angel of our resident’s dignity.

binner aboutDr. Liliana Binner, founder and president of Lilly's Villa, has dedicated more than two decades to the field of geriatric psychology and is licensed to practice on both the United States and Mexico. Recognized for her dedication to designing and instituting "Active Living" programs for elderly individuals and couples, as well as working with their extended families, she is frequently sought out to provide expertise and professional input in eldercare and geriatric psychology.

Throughout her career, she has specialized and focused her practice on addressing the evolving and unique mental health care needs of the elderly. Dr. Binner recognizes that with the proper professional guidance, the transition from independent living to assisted living facilities can be a positive and rewarding experience. Her mission is to ensure that seniors have the support they require to gain a sense of stability, security, and community in new living situations.

In 1994, Dr. Binner established Binner Family Counseling Center in La Jolla, California. Since its inception, the Counseling Center has provided psychotherapy and support to thousands of patients. For 10 years, Dr. Binner led a team of psychologists, counselors, and support staff. Today, she works diligently to develop programs that meet the emotional and psychological needs of adults in their later years, from challenges related to retirement and loss of a spouse to adapting to life in an assisted living facility.

an active member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Children of the Californias (FCC), Dr. Binner has contributed her time and knowledge to improving the health of the children living on both sides of the California and Mexico border.

Her credentials include a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor license in California and a Clinical Psychology license in Mexico. Her clinical memberships consist of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist; San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis; Society for Spanish Speaking Mental Health Professionals; National Board of Addiction Examiners; and EMDR International Association.

Dr. Binner works diligently to develop programs that meet the emotional needs of adults in their later years - from challenges related to retirement and loss of a spouse to adapting to life in a senior assisted living facility. Lilly’s Villa is where a happy and healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with the ongoing help our residents desire and with a quality of life they deserve.